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Babel Press
16208 Orchard Bend Rd
Poway, CA 92064


Company Profile

Babel Press has been producing camera-ready manuscripts using TeX and LaTeX since 1979, when TeX became the academic typesetting language of choice at Stanford, CMU, and MIT.

We specialize in high-technology solutions, using powerful computers and custom tools unavailable to desktop publishers. This allows us to offer overseas pricing while maintaining the highest quality. Our equipment includes color NeXTstations running UNIX, Apple Quadra 700s running Mac OS, and IBM PCs running DOS and Linux. We can read and write disks and tapes of almost any format, or interact with authors through email and electronic file transfer.

We have produced over thirty books, four major LaTeX style packages, and several hundred pieces of art for Morgan Kaufmann, Springer-Verlag, Oxford University Press, University Science Books, Delmar Press, and Escape Ventures.

Services offered by Babel Press include the following:

  • Convert from almost any publishing package into TeX, LaTeX, or FrameMaker. For example, we have converted into LaTeX from the following packages: Chi-writer, FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Quark, Scribe, T3, TeX, troff/nroff, WordPerfect.
  • Write TeX and LaTeX macros and implement LaTeX styles.
  • Implement FrameMaker templates and write macros.
  • Draw chemical structure diagrams and include in text.
  • Draw technical illustrations on-line.
  • Make copyedit changes.
  • Format front and back matter.
  • Output laser page proofs and high-resolution film or paper.
  • Provide final copy on computer media for efficient production of second editions.
  • Implement Bibtex styles.
  • Handle spot-color text and separations.
  • Write Postscript macros.
  • Design and implement special symbols using Metafont.
  • Instruct and train in TeX and LaTeX at all levels.
  • Write database code to automatically generate TeX or FrameMaker representations of information from databases.